August 30, 2009

Amazing !

Always feel blessed with what we have. Life still goes on no matter what !

She can do it, why can't we???


August 24, 2009

K-Link Vietnam - 2nd Anniversary Celebration

K-Link Vietnam celebrates it's 2nd anniversary on 22nd April this year. How time flies and K-Link Vietnam have done a very good job so far.

Mama Diep and my lovely mother in law.

My beloved father and mother in law.
His serious face....
Spot me & my hubby in the pic???

With all the achievers.
The crowd!
The stage..
Beautiful dancers performing on stage.

Dato Dr. Darren Goh giving speech.
Hubby & Mr. Bala

RCA Santoso from Indonesia & SCA Hieu from Hanoi performing dance on stage.

At Work !!

Some of my hubby's colleage.
Micheal Cheam, he is from K-Link International - KL
Van Anh, K-Link JSC (Finance Manager)
Andrew Khoo from K-Link International - KL

After a long day work, we go to have supper at their road side stalls at night.

Picture of the guys..., sorry I didn't took much pictures of the food as we found the food there are not fresh. >.< (p/s: Andrew & Sam, please don't kill me for posting this picture)

My Second Home - Hanoi !!

From strangers and now we are friends, from friends become family, from a place that is totally unfamiliar now it's like our home. Slowly we grow to love Hanoi. Hubby have been there working for more than one year. It's not a long period but not the short one too and Hanoi will be my choice if I want to go for a holiday. My beloved hubby was there!! Just to share some pictures I took back on my trip to Hanoi on April.

They treat me with this fish when I was there, I don't what it's called but it taste funny to me.
I went there to attend K-Link Vietnam 2nd Anniversary - the entry ticket.
Went to eat my favourite Cha Ca again.
Em Trang - our tour guide, she can speak mandarin and english
Cha Ca
The humble - Khoa, my hubby's driver.

Waiter helped us to cook the Cha Ca
It's eaten with the rice noodles & the sauces - (it's like noodles for our laksa)